Commercial Security

Commercial Closed Circuit Television Systems

CCTV Systems

Digital CCTV systems can play an important role in protecting your business against theft and vandalism. They act as an effective visual deterrent when designed and installed correctly, they can provide digital evidence should an incident occur. As well as protecting staff and premises, CCTV analytics can play an invaluable role in many different fields, including perimeter protection; you can monitor your business remotely from a smart phone or laptop if required.

Commercial Access Control Systems

Access Control

Access Control Systems can be used in many different ways, mainly used to restrict access to certain areas at specific times, but they can also be used for tracking time and attendance. For added security, biometric systems such as fingerprint, palm and retina scanners are becoming more reliable and affordable, making high level security possible for the areas that need it.

Commercial Card Readers

Key-Card Management Systems

Hotel and leisure door management systems are a very important tool in providing reliable control and security on contained units, the systems allow for full access control on time day and area access, fully programmable via a central computer which can be remotely controlled if required.

Commercial CAccess Control Systems


Due to opportunistic thieves, the days of leaving delivered goods by the door are a thing of the past. In order to maintain the same convenience but without the risk, an audio and video intercom can be installed. Drivers can speak to reception and then be granted access once they have been verified. An external pedestrian or vehicle Proximity reader can also be installed to allow entry and exit for staff.

Commercial Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

If your site requires an automatic solution for controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians from entering your site, an automatic gate would be the solution,
There are two types of gate system, one would be the sliding gate which we would recommend for high usage sites, and the other type would be a swing gate which is more suitable for medium usage sites.
Either system will provide you with a good perimeter security.

Commercial Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barriers are the ideal soloution for controling the flow of traffic.
In low vandal areas an automatic barrier would be the prefered choice in providing a reliable service for high usage instulations.

The barrier systems can be intergrated into many different access controls to suite the clients requirements.

Number plate reconiton can be used to automaticley open the barrier when it reads an approved number plates, also long range proximity systems or standard keycode will operate the barrier, there are many different options available.

Commercial Automatic Bollards

Automatic Raising Bollards

Traffic management is achived by using a physical deterrent. In vandal areas or high value sites we recommend installing a raising bollard, not only does it look stylish, our high end bollards are extremely tough and durable they can stop a heavy vehicle traveling at speed dead in its tracks.!!
They are very usefull indeed and when there not in use they are underground.

Commercial Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing

The first approach to securing any site is to provide a good secure area, this is only achieved by perimeter fencing, and there are many different types available today, which all depend on how secure you want your site to be, and also a factor is how you require it to look aesthetically, both are important factors.
We can provide many different options and colours depending on your requirements.